Here are our Special Spa Packages at Vayo Massage & Beauty Salon in Patong Beach, Phuket.

We also have Massage Rooms with Jacuzzi to enjoy Massages and Bath in Jacuzzi, different LED colors to color the water of the jacuzzi.
To see our Massage Rooms with Jacuzzi:
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With Half Day Spa Packages:
Free Transfer from Patong, Kata, Karon, Kalim, Kamala!
Free Bottle of Wine, Free Lunch.

Contact us for Booking.
Closed on April 13. – 0857944959
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If you want to buy a package online, choose your package in the list below and click on the Add to Cart Button.
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If you order a service with Paypal, contact us by Email or Phone to make an appointment for the services you booked. Thank you.
Vayo Refreshing Single 2 Hrs 1400 THB:
Vayo Refreshing couple 2 Hrs 2600 THB:
Vayo Spa Ritual Single 2.5 Hrs 1800 THB: 
Vayo Spa Ritual couple 2.5 Hrs 3300 THB: 
Vayo Cleansing Single 2.5 Hrs 2600 THB:
Vayo Cleansing Couple 2.5 Hrs 4800 THB: 
Vayo Traditional Single 3 Hrs 1900 THB: 
Vayo Traditional couple 3 Hrs 3500 THB: 
Vayo Rejuvenation Single 3 Hrs 3100 THB:
Vayo Rejuvenation Couple 3 Hrs 5700 THB: 
Vayo Bliss Single 3 Hrs 3500 THB:
Vayo Bliss couple 3 Hrs 6700 THB:
Vayo Half Day Radiance Single 4 Hrs 3700 THB:
Vayo Half Day Radiance Couple 4 Hrs 7000 THB: 
Vayo Half Day Pampering Single 4 Hrs 3800 THB:
Vayo Half Day Pampering Couple 4 Hrs 7200 THB:
Vayo Detoxing Single 3.5 Hrs 4000 THB:
Vayo Detoxing couple 3.5 Hrs 7500 THB:
Vayo Youthful Glow Single 3.5 Hrs 4400 THB:
Vayo Youthful Glow Couple 3.5 Hrs 8200 THB: