Get your CAMELLIA EYELASH EXTENSIONS Exclusively in Phuket at Vayo Beauty Studio in Patong.

For the first time in Thailand, a new style of Eyelash Extensions: Camellia Eyelash Extensions.


Camellia Eyelash Extensions is a great way to look more beautiful!
This beauty procedure is more and more popular among our customers!

Our qualified and experienced Eyelash technicians will apply Camellia Eyelash Extensions, glued one by one, onto the natural lash (never on your skin).
They will use a specially formulated glue for Camellia Eyelash Extensions (a semi-permanent beauty procedure).

We will add length, thickness and fullness to your natural eyelashes to make them look great.

CAMELLIA EyeLash Extensions:

  • Natural Style.
  • 100% Mink.
  • Will last 40 days.

You will still be able to wear eye makeup.

Camellia Eyelashes Extensions look realistic and natural!

Our skilled staff at Vayo Beauty Studio is waiting for you! 🙂

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Camellia Eyelash Extensions for a beautiful look!