SPORTS MASSAGE PHUKETA Professional Sports Massage in Phuket.

Either you are a professional athlete or a part time jogger, a Sport Massage can be great to relax your muscles after any sport activity or to prepare yourself before a sport event!

A Sports Massage is essential for any athletes but not only.
if you are a jogger during your free time, a Sports Massage can be very relaxing and improve your performance by stimulating and massaging your muscles!

Our professional massage therapist will focus on the muscles you use and stress during your sport activity.

Sports Massage Therapy is advised every week or every two weeks.

Sports Massage is also good to treat injuries, chronic pain.
The massage Therapist at Vayo Massage will focus on the areas of your body that need to be treated!

Sports Massage is proven to be essential during your training or after any sport activity.

Sports Massage Benefits:

  • Will Target muscle-tendon junctions!
  • Effective preparation before a sport event.
  • Reduces recovery time after any sport activity.
  • Reduces muscle soreness.
  • Improves flexibility, endurance.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Will improve performance and prevent injuries!

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Sports Massage in Phuket.