Vayo Massage Beauty Salon Hair ExtensionsBesides HairCut and other Hair Treatments in Phuket, Vayo Massage Beauty Salon can also do Hair Extensions.

Hair Extensions are artificial hair integrations.
We add length and/or fullness to your hair.

It can be done with synthetic hair or human hair.
Textures of artificial hair vary from very straight to extremely curly, or kinky

There are different quality (virgin hair, Remy, Single drawn, Double drawn).

Our skilled technicians will provide shampooing and styling as well.

Thai women give a lot of attention to their hair who look long and beautiful, let us show you how to get the same result!.

Tape in Hair Extensions are also available, click here!

Hair Extension Techniques:

  • Clip-in or Clip On Hair Extensions.
  • Tape in Hair Extensions (See here).
  • Bonding and Sealing Extensions.
  • Fusion.
  • Infusion Hair Extensions.
  • Micro Rings (Micro Loops).
  • Netting.

Hair Extension is a great method to lenghten your hair, the result is very realistic and beautiful.

A reservation is advised, call us, Vayo Massage and Beauty Salon is open every day, your Hair Salon in Phuket!

If you want to buy a service online, choose your package in the list below and click on the Add to Cart Button.
You can pay by Credit Card, Paypal, Discover Cards.
If you order a service with Paypal, contact us by Email or Phone to make an appointment for the services you booked. Thank you.
Dark Hair (Level 1-3) 45cm 7500 THB:
Dark Hair (Level 1-3) 55cm 8500 THB:
Dark Hair (Level 1-3) 65cm 9500 THB:
Dark Hair (Level 1-3) 75cm 12000 THB:
Brown Hair (Level 4-7) 45cm 8500 THB:
Brown Hair (Level 4-7) 55cm 9500 THB:
Brown Hair (Level 4-7) 65cm 11000 THB:
Brown Hair (Level 4-7) 75cm 13000 THB:
Light/Blonde Hair (Level 8-12) 45cm 9500 THB:
Light/Blonde Hair (Level 8-12) 55cm 10000 THB:
Light/Blonde Hair (Level 8-12) 65cm 12000 THB:
Light/Blonde Hair (Level 8-12) 75cm 15000 THB:

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