HEAD MASSAGE PHUKETGet your Professional Hot Stone Massage at Vayo Beauty Studio in Patong Beach, Phuket!

Hot Stone Massage uses heated stones placed on your body.

Hot stone massage combines thermotherapy with massage techniques.

Localized placement of heat through heated stones on particular areas of your body increases circulation of fluid.

This type of massage can help removes blocked energy.

Hot and cold temperatures on your body will force the muscles to dilate and contract.

Combining heat and massage techniques, you get effective results in detoxifying and invigorating your body.
The sensation is very relaxing, releases stress.

It will relax your muscles and soothe your aches.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits:

  • Intense feeling of relaxation!
  • Effective Healing Therapy.
  • Stimulates Lymphatic drainage and cleansing.
  • Helps hydrating and flushing cells.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Relaxing massage and relieves stress!

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Hot Stone Massage in Phuket.