PERMANENT MAKEUP IN PHUKETAmong all the Beauty Treatments Vayo Beauty Studio has to offer, Permanent Make Up or Cosmetic MakeUp is very popular.

Permanent Makeup is one of the most effective ways for permanent beauty.
Permanent Makeup in Phuket can be used for Eyebrows, Eyeliners and Lips.

it’s a beauty technique which employs Tatoo, producing designs that look like makeup.

Like Eyelining and other permanent enhancing colors of your skin, artifical eyebrows.

Permanent Make Up is also called Permanent Cosmetics, Dermapigmentation, Micropigmentation, Cosmetic Tattoo.

It also can be used to hide scars or white spots on the skin!

Sara, the owner of Vayo Beauty Studio, is a Licensed and Certified Permanent Makeup Professional.
Qualified Professional Beauty Technician with 10 years experience and great skill.
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Years of experience in Cosmetic Tattoo and Permanent MakeUp!
Here, you can get a 3D Eyebrow Tattoo or a 6D Eyebrow Tattoo in Phuket!

You can also get Camellia Eyelash Extensions Exclusively at Vayo Beauty Studio: Click here!

Permanent MakeUp Techniques:

  • Permanent Make up for Lips and Eyebrows.
  • EyeBrow Tattoo, 3D Eyebrow Tattoo, 6D Eyebrow Tattoo.
  • Eyeliner Tattoo, , Eyes Liner.
  • Lips Tattoo.
  • Lips liner and Full Lips Color.
  • Eyebrow Extensions: Click here.
  • Correction of existing tattoo.
  • Single use of needle and sterilized equipment!
  • More than 24 colors available!
  • Clients get exact color as required and the tattoo last longer with double drobs micropigment.
  • Comfortable feeling during procedure.
  • After service care.

The most obvious benefit of permanent makeup is that it will save you time.
And you won’t have to worry about your makeup anymore, it won’t come off, a great advantage!

We use highly effective analgesic ointment, after care and other anti-inflammatory products.

The ink used is Cosmetic Grade from USA, Biotouch Brand (, sterilized and purified for cosmetic use.
All ingredients are aprroved by FDA for cosmetic use.

We do a lot of measuring and consulting with customer before doing the tattoo to get a better result.

Professional Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Sara attended a Permanent MakeUp and Tattoo School in Bangkok.

Get your Permanent MakeUp, 3D or 6D Eyebrow Tattoo in Patong Beach, Phuket!
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– Correction of existing tattoo available too.
– Single use of needle and sterilized equipment!
– After service care.

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