Get your EYEBROW EXTENSIONS in Phuket at 0818087528 in Patong.

While in Thailand, make your Eyebrows look great with Eyebrows Extensions!


Eyebrow Extensions is a great way to look more beautiful!
This beauty procedure will give you a great look!

Sara, the owner of Vayo Beauty Studio, Qualified and Experienced Makeup Technician will apply Eyebrow Extensions.
She will use specific techniques for Eyebrow Extensions (a semi-permanent beauty procedure).

Eyebrow Extensions:

  • Looks great.
  • Easy technique.
  • Great price in Thailand.

Eyebrow Extensions look realistic and natural!

Our skilled staff at Vayo Beauty Studio is waiting for you! 🙂

Call us for an appointment at 0818087528 or email at contact@vayomassage.com !

Vayo Beauty Studio is open every day, map here!


Eyebrow Extensions for a beautiful look!