OIL MASSAGE IN PHUKETYou are looking for a good Oil Massage in Phuket?
You found the right place to get one at Vayo Beauty Studio.

A warm Oil Massage is highly relaxing, you will feel the difference.

Relaxing and comforting, Oil Massage is one of the most popular massage in Thailand.
Thai Oil Massage is a must do when you are in Phuket!

Our experienced Thai massage therapists can provide:

  • Oil Massage.
  • Hot Oil Massage.
  • Aromatherapy Oil Massage.

While you relax your whole body, you also nourish it with nutritive oil.

Your Vayo Massage Therapist will massage your whole body with oil, use circular massaging motions, light pressure depending of the area of your body.

We use specific Oils for our Oil Massage and Aromatherapy Oil Massages.

An oil massage in Phuket will tone your muscles along with your whole physiology.

Oil Massage Benefits:

  • Very relaxing!
  • Aches, Pain and fatigue relief!
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Restorative and better sleep.
  • Improves energy and mental alertness.
  • Nourishes the whole body, promoting longevity!
  • Calms the nerves.
  • Helps to keep the joints flexible.

After your Oil Massage, you will feel rejuvenation and relaxation!

See you soon for your Oil Massage in Patong Beach.

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